Our Story

The African Circular Economy Network (ACEN) conducted an exploratory study on the feasibility of a South African circular economy platform. ACEN was appointed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in June 2021 to engage with key circular economy role players who provided insights into local needs, interests, and access to knowledge and financial resources. The exploratory study concluded that there is a strong appetite amongst these stakeholders to be part of a network that supports circular initiatives between businesses, government, knowledge institutions, and civil society. Following the study, Circular South Africa (CSA) was established in January 2023, with ACEN leading the implementation.

Our Identity

Circular South Africa’s logo showcases its commitment to circularity, environmental regeneration, and socio-economic growth in South Africa. The circular emblem represents the sun’s life-nurturing energy. The green colour embodies environmentally friendly and circular practices across economic sectors. The radiant yellow symbolises diverse energy sources, and the vibrant teal reflects economic vitality.

These three colours encapsulate CSA’s vision, mirroring its three strategic pillars: Knowledge Sharing, Facilitating Partnerships, and Guiding the Transition. CSA forges common ground through collaborations and partnerships, steering us towards a shared, sustainable future.


The vision for Circular South Africa is to become a self-sustaining circular economy platform and the nation’s home of circularity, where there’s a sense of belonging and where those engaged drive a common goal to transition to a just circular economy across South Africa.

Our Mission

Circular South Africa’s mission is to facilitate cooperation, coordination, and networking between businesses, government, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations to accelerate the just circular economy transition in South Africa through three strategic pillars.

Knowledge Sharing and Capacitation

Providing a space for sharing resources and information while encouraging capacity building within South Africa and abroad.

Foster Partnerships and Collaboration

Fulfilling a matchmaker function to connect current and future circular projects with both local and international public/private partnerships to identify further business opportunities and upscale efforts.

Facilitating the Transition

Cultivating circular economy opportunities, guiding circular policy decision-making, and supporting the execution of projects and initiatives.

Who we are

Circular South Africa is made up of circular economy practitioners, interested parties and knowledge partners that work with stakeholders across the board to advocate and enable a circular economy transition. It is crucial to not duplicate ongoing efforts but to catalyse and enhance ongoing and future initiatives though a systems approach

Get Involved

Join us as we accelerate the transition to a circular economy by becoming a member, at no cost, and explore, connect, and participate in the country’s circular economy initiatives. Engage with us to cultivate collaboration and break silos.