Industrie(s): Surplus food recovery and redistribution


Sector: Non-profit organization / company

FoodForward South Africa

FoodForward SA has a 15-year track record marked by exemplary governance, impact, and innovation, positioning us as a sustainable force in addressing food insecurity and food loss and waste at scale. Central to our operations is the retrieval of edible surplus food from the supply chain, including farmers, manufacturers, and retailers, which we redistribute to vetted beneficiary organisations (BOs) serving marginalised communities. In the fiscal year 2023/2024, we distributed 21,760 tons of food, translating to over 87 million meals, to a network encompassing 2,500 organisations, enabling us to reach 920,000 vulnerable individuals spanning all nine provinces. Our cost per meal stands at a low R0.47, underscoring the cost-efficiency of our foodbanking model as the premier solution for food security in South Africa. We employ various food security programmes including warehousing, virtual foodbanking, mobile rural distribution, mother and child nutrition, disaster aid, sustainable livelihoods and school breakfast programmes.