Industrie(s): a private foundation that supports knowledge exchange with the aim to stimulate entrepreneurship on Circular Economy in the Netherlands and beyond


Sector: Non-profit organization / company

Holland Circular Hotspot

Holland Circular Hotspot is a private foundation that aims to accelerate the international transition to a circular economy by connecting companies, knowledge institutes, and (local) authorities, and support international collaboration on Dutch Circular Economy.
The activities of Holland Circular Hotspot are:

• Offer insights in and access to the network of Dutch circular pioneers;
• Develop and exchange knowledge on international market opportunities for circular economy;
• Create circular opportunities internationally by matching offer and demand;
• Support companies and organizations that want to contribute to internationalization of circular economy;
• Stimulate cooperation between the private sector, knowledge institutions, governments and other relevant parties;
• Provide international visibility of Dutch CE innovations/best practices;
• Facilitate access to Dutch and international (financing) instruments and programmes.