Reducing Global Consumption – What Matters More: Government, People or Business

Start: May 20, 2024 - End: May 20, 2024

Global warming is an urgent reality, pressing us to swiftly implement decarbonization solutions, programs, and innovations. While progress is evident, the pace must accelerate significantly. Even then, will these efforts suffice to reverse society’s environmental impact? Amidst advancements in technology, waste management, and recycling, current political discourse often overlooks the crucial need to alter consumption patterns and habits.

To achieve a Net Zero carbon future, we must fundamentally rethink what, how, and why we consume. Shifting from ownership to leasing models, prioritizing product design for repair, reuse, and refurbishment, and incentivizing sustainable choices are essential steps. This webinar aims to explore key actors capable of driving substantial change, identify policies and opportunities for reducing resource consumption, and highlight exemplary practices to emulate and learn from. Join us in shaping a sustainable future.